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The basic idea is that I want to collect all the websites and forums here and make them available to my puppy brothers. Of course, a lot can also be found on facebook, twitter, the tumblr and many other private websites. Nevertheless, I would like to take the trouble to provide information on puppy play after consulting the site operators. Maybe I do myself a favor here, not always to search my mail again, to browse facebook or once every 2 days to scroll through the Twitter from the beginning to the end.
The puppy can do that, but he does not have to.
If my puppy brothers have more ideas after visiting my little website, you can immortalize yourself with an idea here and we can work together to make our community even more connected - if that's what you want - and make the puppy community even bigger. Maybe you have an idea that I do not know yet?
After all, I have only been a proud puppy since 2016, who would like to continue to learn what it means to be a proud puppy and to follow the path he wants to go. What do you think?

Are you proud puppys - be yourself?

And here we start the great Puppy Play Network Area:

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